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‘Kang Repair’ Meshless(No Mesh/Non Mesh) Hernia Repair : Interview with David from London England

gipum hospital 2018.06.27

Q: Hi I’m Stephen Kwon, the chaplain and the English language interpreter of Gipum Hospital. Now I’m interviewing David from London, England for hernia repair, actually repaired a couple of days ago in our hospital. Now we have an interview here at his hotel room now. Okay first question is, David, how have you known Dr. Kang and Gipum hospital?

A: I expected that’s interesting. Actually I have inguinal hernia for 2 years but it was just found about 2 months ago. After then, when I found it, I have inguinal hernia, started searching for hernia. Finally I found many people doing the repair without and with mesh. So I’m looking without mesh because I heard that they don’t have problems. So I think there are three reasons I chose Mr. Kang: First for surgery so because of without plastic mesh. The second is local anesthesia and the third is a small, small surgery cut.

Q: Okay very good. And can you talk about the pre-check and our tests and also the surgery itself or repair, I mean process, you can talk about it, a little bit.

A: Yeah I can talk a little bit. Actually I come in the hospital and doing all these checks, allergy checks, scanning on the hernia, so which part is it. Adjust everything preparing for operation actually has been little bit physical pressure and physical pain, but the operation is less painful like, this less painful like a dentist. So after this, little bit pain when maybe on the first day, but after is alright.

Q: Okay thank you. And what do you want to say to the people who suffer from inguinal hernia in the world and you can talk to them now.

A: This is, I don’t know that as this everybody need to think themselves, I mean I think I do for myself research and then I think maybe it’s good for me so without the plastic mesh. I don’t have any complications in the future.

Q: Thank you. And actually it’s a quite an adventure flying from London to Seoul, Korea and you are really a brave man and very courageous. Thank you for you are to come to us and have surgery and then now being okay and I’ll just pray that you’ll be really completely healed. Thank you very much. Ok now bye.